You are not God but God is you.
There is no afterlife because there is no death; there is only Now.

These are the ideas I’m exploring

Point Taken

Point Taken

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Phase 3 (Communication) - Pt 1 of 25 Eyes and Ears

These are powerful lessons of Spirit to help you reconnect to that which was taken from you

The rest of the playlist can be found here:

I promise you it will be worth the watch, just be patient :)

Sharing Jonathan’s understandings of the Infinite Love of the Creative Spirit, scalar reality, Consciousness, frequency and phase interference to inform the material world, metaphors for the problem this world faces and how it is heading towards Healing. I’m still just beginning to assimilate these understandings but I highly recommend watching the entire series of 27 here, perhaps you guys can catch on quicker :) http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA236A6DA85F22F95&feature=plcp

The Narrow Path

Walking the path of the Creative Spirit is to walk the fine line between sanity and madness, good and evil, right and wrong, pleasure and pain, hope and despair, the self and the other; and that fine line is pure unconditional love, forgiveness, and understanding of everything; the narrow path of Spirit. Everyone here seems to have lost their balance beam; myself included, but I’m working on that. I love you all :)

Alright, I get it. I understand that I don’t understand and don’t know. I’m tired of spending countless hours wasting away on the internet, trying to find truth and meaning when it can be found right in front of my face: within. So, yeah, I’m done with internet research, at least with details. Time to restart living and experiencing, reconnecting to spirit, and being more mindful of my path. So, thank you video for appearing at the right time and pushing me to the next step as all the synchronicities in my life have.

Hmm, ok, Advice taken!

The third eye is the key

The third eye is the key